What to see in Hue City The Beauty of Asian Countries

If you are going to travel around the world, you must not miss to come and visit the most beautiful countries in Asia. To be more particular, you must come and see the amazing countries in the South Eastern part of Asia, such as Vietnam, Bangkok, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore. Here, you can see various tourist attractions that is why you can always find tourists from different parts of the world, when you come to these countries.

Asian countries are not only rich in history and culture, but these Asian countries are naturally rich in the beauty of nature. That is the reason why tourists would love to come to Vietnam. Here, you can find tourist attractions from the Northern, Central and Southern part of the country.

One of the most visited and most popular spots in Vietnam is the city of Hue, which is considered as the former imperial capital and you can find the Hue City in the central region of Vietnam. What made the Hue City famous are the pagodas, tombs, and the monuments that the empire left and made as history. Refer now around Hue city 1 day tour.

Spots and Attractions to see in Hue City

One of the top spots to see is the Hue Citadel or the Imperial Citadel. This spot is very rich in history. It is located on the northern part of the Perfume River, which is the landmark of the Hue City. The Hue Citadel is composed of four citadels. These are the Hoang Thanh or the Imperial City, where you can find the royal palaces and the shrines; the Tu Cam Thanh or the Forbidden Purple City, where you can find the royal residence; the Dai Noi or the Inner City and the Tran Binh Dai, where you can find ancient architecture of Hue. When you enter the Forbidden City, you will notice the Nine Holy Cannons or the Holy Invincible Generals along the Ngan gate. These are the spirits guarding the citadel.

Hue city

Next, you must see the Tombs of the Emperors along the Perfume River and it is in the southern part of the Hue City. The tombs that you will see are the Tomb of Gia Long, who was the first Emperor of the Nguyen, Tomb of Minh Mang, Tomb of Thie Tri, Tomb of Tu Duc, Tomb of Dong Khanh and the Tomb of Khai Dinh. There are stories behind these tombs, so if you are coming to explore the tombs, you will learn about the stories that was carried from the past to next generations.

You must also see the pagodas in the Hue City. One of the most visited pagoda is the Thien Mu Pagoda, which is a beautiful work of architecture and place for nature lovers. The octagonal pagoda stands on a 21-meter height. Other pagodas that tourists may visit are the, Tu Dum, the Huyen Khong and the Tu Hieu.

Minh Mang tomb

Minh Mang tomb

Another good spot to see is the Japanese Bridge, which resembles a bridge in Hoi An. The construction of the bridge was started by Tran Thi Dao. At first it was built for transportation purposes, but later on, an altar was added to the bridge in the memory of Tran Ti Dao.

Lastly, you will surely not miss seeing the markets of Dong Ba. The Dong Ba Market is the largest shopping place in the central part of Vietnam. Many travelers would love to have shopping, so this is the right spot for you to buy souvenir items, various handicrafts and foods from the Hue City. This is also a good spot for people who would like to see the lifestyle of the people from the locality, their daily activities and how trading works.

Those are just a few of the must-see spots in the Hue City. These spots are the most important tourist attractions that a tourist must see when visiting the city of Hue. These tourist spots are not just a spot or an attraction to see, but also places for you to learn something from the Hue City. When you come to Hue City, you will surely have something to remember and something that you can share with your family and friends because Hue City is a place full of history and beauty.

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