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Tarpon Tom

Thomas F. Gibson, Jr, is a tarpon fishing enthusiast who has set many records for the biggest fish caught. An engineer for NASA, Gibson catches the fish using large, No. 16/0 circle hooks that trail nine-inch wiggly, green plastic lures called Texas Term Pops.
He’s known as “Tarpon Tom” to the guides along the Texas coast from Galveston to Padre Island, and with good reason. Thomas F. Gibson, Jr. doesn’t fool around. His single-minded quest for giant tarpon – tarpon big enough to make the IGFA record book – is as obsessive as Captain Ahab’s pursuit of the Great White Whale, except that in the forty-four years since

Gibson fought his first tarpon at age eleven, he has caught over a thousand of the fish he seeks, five of which have qualified as world records, and two more which set state records in Texas and Louisiana.

Fishing by dinghy

The dinghy can allow recreational fishermen to fish in shallow waters with corals, sandy flats and beaches, jungle creeks and rivers, occluded areas and inland freshwater lakes and rivers. Dinghy fishing requires the installation of transom rod holders and the addition of a plastic cooler.

How to Choose Best Wading Boots

1/ Styles

Wading boots come in from the light weight sneaker models to the heavy duty hiking boots. Thus, selecting the best wading boots – the kind of wading boot fitting your demand is not difficult. What type you should purchase will depend on the kind of fishing you are intending to do. Choose a pair of durable hiking boots, if you (angler) must traverse around obstructions or walk long distance. The light weight boot foot ones with felt soles are ideal for wading most of streams as they provide extra traction on slick rock. It will be very easy and ideal for you to walk on the coastal areas or low-water streams by sneaker style boots.

2/ Sizing

As a general rule of thumb, the size of wading footwear is different from the hiking boots or normal shoes. Wading boot had better have a size up from a pair of standard hiking boot. Anglers will feel more comfortable with the additional space into their wading boots whilst still wearing socks. In case you fish in cold water in the early season, It  would be best to add an extra half size to your wading boots. To protect your feet away the cold weather, that half size ought to account for the wool or thermal socks.

A century of piscatorial progress

The ‘good old days’ of fishing were not always as good as imagined, and those returning to those days might miss modern fishing equipment. A survey of the advances in fishing equipment and in fishing conditions during the 100-year history of Field and Stream magazine is presented.