Day: February 11, 2017

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Tarpon Tom

Thomas F. Gibson, Jr, is a tarpon fishing enthusiast who has set many records for the biggest fish caught. An engineer for NASA, Gibson catches the fish using large, No. 16/0 circle hooks that trail nine-inch wiggly, green plastic lures called Texas Term Pops.
He’s known as “Tarpon Tom” to the guides along the Texas coast from Galveston to Padre Island, and with good reason. Thomas F. Gibson, Jr. doesn’t fool around. His single-minded quest for giant tarpon – tarpon big enough to make the IGFA record book – is as obsessive as Captain Ahab’s pursuit of the Great White Whale, except that in the forty-four years since

Gibson fought his first tarpon at age eleven, he has caught over a thousand of the fish he seeks, five of which have qualified as world records, and two more which set state records in Texas and Louisiana.